Surviving Titan

Genre: Survival / Farming / Open World
Developer: The Fun Pimps Entertainment
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

I discovered this little indie game by chance on steam. It got there only 100 reviews, but mostly positive ones. The game starts out with you crash landing in an escape pod. There are some hidden quests in the game that will give you also achievements and are part of the story. At first you need to craft some basic tools and workstations, then you can take care of building your base. You might want to choose a nice place for it, but should not forget to start collecting food and water which you'll find sometimes nearby and later on further away till you are able to grow crops yourself.

The little survival game is very well balanced, so that you can get by quite a while till you do your own farming. There are plenty of different seeds hidden in the game and not only given by the few wild growing tomatoes and wheat. In the beginning you need to find out which plants give you such seeds. Once you got some walled up area that you can even enforce by wooden blockades you can start out your own farm. You'll also have the possibility to craft a windmill and get flower from the wheat. A variety of cooking recipes show at the fireplace and new ones get temporary added by food you carry in your inventory. You can also do fishing or just have honey by bees as food if you craft a bee hive.

Probably inspired by Terraria and Starbound there is a blood moon rising every once in a while. Some skeletons and magicians will show up and hunt you, but you can always also just outrun them if you got trouble fighting them, which I had. The hit box of this game is pretty bad, especially at melee weapons. While you need to move by keyboard you are rarely ever able to aim well enough to the mobs, because you need to be straight in front of them facing their way if you use a sword. My questions to issues like that stayed unanswered on their forum. I recommend to use the plasma rifle for fighting, which works best. Over time you'll find better weapons which might help you fighting. I also had some problems to tame any cow, although people wrote they did tame them, they rather died when I tried. A few things seem to still need some improvement in this game, so lets hope they are fixing this anytime soon. You get your body shown on the map if you die and you can pick up your stuff there, so no loss.

There are more difficult areas on the map than your starting area and if you like the challenge you might want to go exploring them, also for some resources that you'll need for some quests and of course for the loot in underground caves. Some little puzzles and tasks will lead to more loot and achievements as reward. You'll also find other survivors that will join you if you help them and two of them are even able to fight with you, so that the hit box problem gets reduced. The other survivers will help you at daily tasks such as farming, fishing, mining. You can also distribute skill points to a lot of skills when you level up. And there are plenty too so that you don't need to worry about that.

The graphic is a simple pixel art graphic with its very own charm. The game reminds a little bit on Stardew Valley. There are plenty of crafting items and although the game is a singleplayer game you won't feel alone by the Npc's who are joining you. I really enjoyed that. The animals and monsters are just enough to never get bored. I also loved it that I could go on with the game after I left the planet and realized I forgot finishing something. The game-play mechanics are in retro style like in Zelda or other retro games, so don't expect any mouse controls. The only bad reviews are about those controls. The game is only 3,99 Euros and really a steal. I played it about 32 hours and had a blast till I left the planet. It's a lovely little gem and it even runs on Linux.

We recommend: If you like pixel survival games and don't expect too much modern controls, buy it, it is so well worth it!