Genre: Simulation / Management / Building
Developer: Jelle Booij
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This little Indie game is already quite nice. It reminds me on Winkeltje, which was similar by its graphics and look. Also it is a dutch developer that creates this game. The game is a restaurant tycoon and offers you to build up a successful restaurant at your town. You start out with a little snack bar and sell some fries. Then you expand this business till you can add tables and sell a bigger variety of meals. While your menu grows and the queue in front of your door gets longer you'll need earn enough money to build a bigger eatery.

The game has some decorations you can add, One of them is an old gramophone that will spend some nice retro jazz sound for your guests. You can also add gambling to your restaurant by slot machines. The menu lacks still of beverages. The decorations could be better, a sign for your business is still missing. A balcony and roof terrace possibility would be nice and the restaurant needs also a porch with umbrellas and fences for climbing plants, as well as flowerpots to give the player a possibility to have an outside sitting area for the summer too. Also it would be nice if you could choose to create a cafe, pub or beer garden within your restaurant and there are plenty of possibilities to expand the concept of this game.

There are already four scenarios in the game, which give you some goals to reach while you are increasing your income and hire more staff. The management part of the game is still extremely tiny, but you can order ingredients and tell your staff which kind of work they should do. The gameplay is pretty relaxing and if you like games that allow you to do some nice building without too much of a challenge this one will get one for you.

The graphic is cute. The building system works decent and self explanatory. There is a tutorial that guides you through the mechanics and the gameplay stays very simple. There isn't any advertisement possibility yet, but I expect that it will be added. The game is in early access because the developer wants the community to give him an idea what they'd like to see. On his future list are already gardening, barbecue, mod support, scenario editor, more staff management. If you don't mind that there is still quite some stuff missing you can already buy this game. Just don't expect it to be finished. The developer seems to update each month and if he goes on working like this we will have in a couple of months a very nice tycoon game with this one.

We recommend: If you like management games, buy it to support this project, it is already fun to play even if we still need a lot more content in it!