Taste of Adventure

Genre: Simulation / Management / Theme Park
Developer: Texel Raptor
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Parkitect is a cute theme park game that can keep you for days busy and gives a lot of freedom to shape and design the parks. Unfortunately the DLC Taste Of Adventure for Parkitect is not really enjoyable at its campaign, because one of your goals will be to not stop the game for building. At least every level has this optional goal and if you want to finish the campaign with gold reward this is needed. Additionally they ask you to not use any already saved or prebuild blueprints in the campaign. You‘ll end up rushing through to be able to do everything you get asked for in time. This is not the relaxing fun experience that Parkitect gave us before.

They added some more decor and a few more shops to the game but sadly the campaign falls very short and is not all that much new. For the reason that you’d expect lots of new rides and new different maps from a DLC it is rather disappointing. The main campaign got 23 maps to play while the add-on got only 13 new ones and by far not enough new items that could make up for the price. It just feels like the Parkitect we already knew with a far less relaxing gameplay.

You can play the campaign maps though later on as scenarios. Only difference between the campaign and the scenarios is that all items are unlocked and you don‘t need to research everything. You still have the same goals and time limits, so it is also not really that much of an expansion to the campaign.

The DLC is about 10 Euro, but it feels a bit shallow and repetitive and most of all stressful. Don’t misunderstand this critic please, it isn’t that bad, but in our opinion just also not this exiting new that it lives up to its expectations. The expansion offers 10 new scenarios, 2 new themes, 8 new rides and 4 new shops. If you are happy to add those go and get this DLC.

We recommend: We personally aren’t sure if we should really recommend to buy it, except you are a huge fan of this game and want that content desperately. Otherwise you could maybe get it later one one day on sale, when the price is a bit lower as long as you don’t expect too much. Then it might feel more profitable.