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Genre: Textbased Adventure / Word Puzzle / Investigation
Developer: Lizard Factory
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The murder mystery game has very minimalistic cubistic graphics. You will just have the faces of the witnesses on your screen, while you ask your questions. Everybody lies, but you need to find out what you may ignore and what makes that person suspicious. The game is about the success to catch someone telling a lie and turning the conversation into a direction that leads you to new clues about what really happened.

It is a short story and you may step into the shoes of a police officer to gather informations about a crime and catch the killer, to unveil the truth. The game contains currently the first episode with three variations. There is also a hint system available if you get stuck. The game has no tutorial to show you how to get easier into the game and explain that you can for example use words multiple times in a sentence and the whole game is about forming sentences. The dialogues are not voice supported. Also the first dialogue at the witness interview pops up again and again after each answer.

I got to say that the graphics are pretty ugly, the voices sound is kinda not enjoyable either, the way you solve riddles by choosing words from a list is like a torture and the words switch by picking any. If you like word puzzles you might like this game. I personally thought it is nothing I would want to play and not really an enjoyable crime solving game. New words do pop up while you start using the ones you got. That makes it more interesting, but also harder to build a sentence and predict what it will be about. Some words disappear while others show up the moment you click on any. If you play this for a longer time it gets annoying to look for working sentences.

The soundtrack is a typical detective story crime series theme and nice. They added four of them. The graphics are too cubistic and edgy looking, the coloring looks a bit sparingly applied. It looks like an unfinished drab sketch. I am sure they could do better. The settings also don't have any graphics options to at least play it in windowed mode. The concept and idea of the game is interesting but after an hour it just gets far too tedious and exhausting. Also it would be nice to have far more happening on the screen, for the reason that it gets too boring if you play for more than 15 minutes. Your motivation curve goes down, while your frustration grows. I hope the detailed critic might help the developer.

We recommend: Sorry to say that, but we would not buy it at its current state!