Genre: Sandbox / Zombies / Open World
Developer: Re-Logic
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

The zombie survival building game is called the little brother of minecraft although it is 2d with some 3d dimension integrations. The concept is similar just that the world is far smaller, has a side-scrolling graphic and offers a lot of different content. You need to like its pixel graphics or you'll just hate the whole game. It starts out with your character at a spawn point on your map and an NPC will be nearby to give you basic infos about the gameplay. You will need to build immediately some protection against the creatures that come in the night but fortunately you won't need to find food or water to survive. The open world has several biomes and lots of different enemies as well as a very few peaceful ones around.

You can start out at normal or expert mode and you can also change your world to hard or hardcore mode by boss fights. A world you once created can be at any point of time used for single- or multiplay and you can also use your equipped character for different worlds and to visit friends on their server. Each time you start a new world you got a chance to get different items, materials, textures, music, biomes, locations which is randomly generated. The point of the game is to progress to the next level, but it is up to you when you want to do this.

This game is very addictive. Build, craft items, collect and explore the world above and underneath the ground. The only minus to this game is its 2d graphic. By its procedural generated worlds it has a lot of replay value. You can destroy and create everything, so keep in mind not to ruin your world or let it get ruined by corruption that spreads in the later upgraded map. Defeat the bosses that you'll spawn by items. Survive events that can just come up or be started also by items you'll find. Build NPC houses to get all traders to move in.

When you already think you might be done you'll discover more possibilities what you could do. Combine items to get stronger better ones. Go into different worlds with different materials and do some quests the NPC's offer. If you really have the feeling you did complete this game you can still install mods for it. Also you can try out different styles of combat, magic, melee or ranged.

The possibilities and the amount of content in this game are really massive. Some resources are found in chests cluttered around the map or just be dropped by certain enemies. For some you might to need to dig far till you find them. The down side is that you don't have an infinite world and that Terraria doesn't have many bigger updates. Another negative side to the game is that the game does not adapt to the number of players, which might make it incredibly difficult to kill bosses in the beginning for a single person and might afford a lot of planning, while it can be boring in an well equipped group later on. It is definitely more fun to play this game with friends, but you can play it also just alone.

We recommend: If you like pixel games, buy it!