The Bonfire: Forsaken Land

Genre: Survival / Village Builder / Strategy
Developer: Xigma Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This really small game looks rather like a cell phone game that got ported to the PC. It plays probably better with a gamepad, but it works also with mouse and keyboard. It definitely reminds of any old browser game with all the clicking and linear structure. You'll be done with it within latest about 3 hours. After short time it gets very repetitive, although it is quite relaxing too. Some people compare it to the game Kingdom in their reviews, I really got no clue how they got to that idea!

The world is frozen or at least your region is and you struggle with the cold and limited food. The story to this game is very minimalist. The game starts out with you and a bonfire that will later on be the base of an encampment. You'll need to start by collecting wood to build a mill to produce food. Every day some new people can join you and every night you will have some monsters coming to your camp and attack you. If you loose one of your people, you can reset the day, because it always saves in the morning.

You will have to build a bridge to get more resources and you'll need a harbor to send someone out to explore the world and get some scrolls that will complete your story it seems. The animals you kill during the night will give you hide and meat. You can craft some armor and weapons for your guards with the hide. Later you'll get access to a mine and can do steal swords and armor. While your guards fight better with advanced equipment, your workers need usually tools and a wagon to be faster. The game description says it would be a profound simulation. I can not really agree on that.

Nearby your village is a cave to explore, but you might want to have some knights to join you before you go in. The game doesn't offer you any explanations. Some stuff is random, such as the end boss. Overall it is very short-lived.

The graphic isn't anything extraordinary, the art is unique and got an Asian or to be more specific Mongolian touch. The graphics looks a bit like simplistic children books illustrations. The buildings are pre-built ones with predetermined places. Resources need to be unlocked in the beginning. The background music is nice. I just wished there was more exploring the world to it. And I don't really like when mobile games are sold for PC, because they are usually too simplistic and short for the PC. This one definitely one is.

We recommend: If you like this kind of clicker games, buy it only on sale please, it is just far too short for its full price!