The Flame in the Flood

Genre: Survival / Adventure / Post apocalyptic
Developer: The Molasses Flood
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This little comic graphic survival game is brilliant by its art and soundtrack. Surviving is harsh and the river is rough. Fortunately the inventory of the dog stays after you died most of the times as it was. But this is not reliable. It is a story-driven game that sends you on a raft through a destroyed world of islands. Missing food or water, wounds and illnesses might kill you on your way if you don‘t just drown by the river that will strip down your raft fast. Upgrading it will help you steering it, you can also expand its inventory by this or add other helpful features. Collect wood to repair it all the time or you'll sink.

You can also expand your backpack by adding bags that you will craft with bunny pelt. Usually you don‘t really need to filter water, because you can get fresh one by the rain or wells, but don‘t forget filling it always up. Carrying a glass of tea can fight poisoning effects. Penicillin will cure other infections.

Collecting and completing objectives that you‘ll find in mailboxes will unlock rewards that you will also find in them later on. You will encounter some animals that attack and hurt you, in the worst case even kill you. Traps and a bow might help fighting those, a torch can scare off wolfs, but will attract snakes. Poisoned meat can kill a wolf or you could release a living rabbit to get rid of him, because he will run after it. The ravens will alert nearby predators, so be careful and you should avoid coming to close to them, if possible. Try out pressing space, it chases them away. If you run zigzag you can outrun a boar without getting hit.

The game doesn‘t stop while you open your inventory, so you better only sort it near the raft on the pier. For the reason that snakes or crows don‘t give any food save your arrows. Along the river are shopping charts on the rocks that give you some helpful loot if you get close enough and click on them. Keep an eye on the meters that show your hunger, thirst and the need for sleep and warmth. A fireplace will be enough to lay down to sleep if its not raining, otherwise you will need to find some shelter. Some people do feel comfy by the repeated landscape and locations that get after short while familiar, some criticize the similarity of the areas. Bored by it you might start fighting more predators or concentrate on rafting. The aggressors will still keep you busy.

The technical side to that game got to be mentioned too. Unfortunately the game crashes sometimes, you can loose the save by this and as if this would not be enough of a bother it just doesn‘t let you click the button to go on after dying if you are unlucky. You will be forced to continue by going back to the main menu. Such bugs can annoy the hell out of you if you did already manage to come very far in the campaign. In some cases the complete game you played will be just gone. Because the game is not even early access any more they should really finally fix those problems, because lots of people already wrote about those bugs.

We can not make up our mind if we should recommend buying this game because although we basically love it the bug in the save game has to be removed at first, because you want to be able to finish the campaign. First complains are from early 2016 and within a year they didn‘t manage to fix that, really? For now we need to recommend not to buy it till that bug is fixed.