The Forest

Genre: Survival / Base-Building / Open World / Horror
Developer: Endnight Games Ltd.
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

There was a lot of hype about The Forest, people do love that game, its reviews in steam are mainly positive. We will still look into it critical without getting too picky. The game was created by a team of four people. In the beginning you have a nice intro that shows that your plane crashed. The little boy at your side disappears. You can pick up a survival book in the intro and it will be your crafting guide ingame later on. When you wake up you can loot some in the plane and you should not forget to pick up a little tray, because this will later on give you the possibility to exchange stuff in your group if you play with a friend. Only players with such a food tray can hand over any item.

Now you will have to hurry up and find any spot to spend the night because the cannibals will show up very fast in the mysterious forest. My experience was that it is relative save to go to the beach and along the beach because the cannibals don't really like to go into water and you can fight them then a bit easier in the beginning. Just watch out for sharks too. If you die you will see a symbol for your dead body on the map and can find your inventory back. Respawn will be random anywhere as long as you got no bed or shelter.

There are caves with mutants that can also come to your base and wrack any fence down if you are not very careful and well prepared. Traps and totems might keep some of them away, but there is almost no place they won't come to and be careful not to step into your own traps. Fire will kill them sometimes. You will not find any weapons on the island just some loot from suitcases and stranded ship containers. Build a camp with some simple tools that you can craft and scavenge. Find food to keep yourself from starving. Craft some armor that hides you in the forest and that keeps you warm.

We can not find any problems with the graphics and performance. It did just bothers us that trees didn't respawn, so we had after a short while very long walks to get wood. Fortunately they fixed that problem by an option that can be turned on or off. If you cut now a hundred then ten will respawn over night. Don't forget to remove tree stumps if you don't want the trees to regrow inside your buildings. The storage in shelves are not very good and we would have preferred some better storage. The building system doesn't really link very well together, platforms don't snap together. They really got to improve this. The option to build a tree house or live in an houseboat is nice. The night is pitch-black, you will see absolutely nothing without a torch. Even a full moon will not spend any light. The days are too short to go exploring far away. This might be on intention, because of the horror feel and because staying out at night can be really dangerous. There are also weather changes.

You can go fishing with a spear, hunting with traps or just by hitting animals with your axe or by using a bow. You can plant and collect blueberries and herbs. Deers, turtles, lizards, bunnies, birds can be hunted. You can drink water from ponds if you find the spot for it or collect rainwater or cook water if you find a cooking pot in any tent on the island. Soda and snacks can be found most of the time in suitcases. They also drop alcohol for crafting Molotov cocktails. You can run your own server for free. The sounds are nice and the graphics too. You can also start the game without enemies and just enjoy the surrounding and building.

Our recommendation: If you like exciting games with a bit of base building and a lot of fighting you should not miss out on this one!