The Guild 3

Genre: Strategy / Simulation / Trade
Developer: GolemLabs
Gamemode: Singleplayer/ Announced Multiplayer

I wonder how they did their advertisement videos for this game because it seems they belong to any missing intro of this game. If you go into the game you'll be completely lost. You'll create a character and then you aren't even able to choose every profession. All they seem to have is a few maps you can go to. They aim for a multiplayer with up to 16 players which is nice, but the multiplayer does not exist yet.

I always loved to play the guild games. This game has so few content that it is extremely bold to sell it for 30 Euro. People complain about too many bugs, endless loading screens and crashes, I do rather believe that you can't play the game at all yet. There is no tutorial, no explanation at all, text windows are missing or just not closing properly. An unplayable mess.

The developers stated that the game would be already full playable and that they only want to fix some bugs before they can release the game. All I could see was a lot of trees and then my character went at a certain point on the alley invisible and didn't react to my clicking any more. As a fan of the guild series you got to be disappointed. They should not even call it a Pre-Alpha. You can install the game and look around, but playing does not really work. Profound management at your workshop doesn't work, the trading routes work only sometimes. Animations aren't proper working, interaction possibilities are missing, sounds are missing, rooms are missing, workers don't join your workshop, you can hire them but they don't show up, marriage seem to not work either. Ships can move through the landscape. Text is missing or wrong translated. Women got only male voices. The options for settings won't work proper.

The question is if they will have this game for years at early access and maybe then not even finish it. We would have for sure forgiven a lot, if they would have managed to get the game working within half a year after releasing it as Alpha, but of course they did not. The whole situation reminds a bit of No Man Sky, huge promises and very few things kept.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about. The screen gets very blurry if you scroll out for a better overview. The game is far from being completed. It is heavily overpriced. I do get that players are angry if even their save games get lost.

We recommend: Don't buy it!