The Silent Age

Genre: Point & Click / Puzzle / Adventure
Developer: House On Fire
Gamemode: Singleplayer

In the 70s Joe works at a janitor job for the Department of Defense. He gets promoted to a better position, gets a new key card with more access in the building and more responsibilities. As a result he ends up going to the science lab in the basement and discovers there some blood traces on the floor. He finds a way to open the doors to the lab and to investigate what's going on.

This is how the story starts. Suddenly the fate of human race lays in his hands. The story gets weird by a time travel device, which he uses to escape when the police suspects him to be involved into a murder. He jumps forward into the future 40 years later, which looks abandoned and decayed. He needs to find out now why the human race was killed.

The game is a stylish designed adventure with a cool simple silhouette graphic. The sound is atmospheric sound that gives the game ambient noises. There are also a few voices. The game has 10 little chapters, which means 10 different areas that include different rooms to search clues and is within short time, estimated 4 hours, played through. The captivating and exciting, but also plausible story keeps you going. It is a little mystery story gem.

The game was developed for phone and tablet. You need to watch the scenery to find out which objects you can interact with. Other than that the game is pretty easy. The interface is simple and intuitive, an inventory bar on the bottom and the communication pops up on the top of your screen.

There are no inventory combination puzzles in this game. You need to find clues and interactive objects in the surrounding. Sometimes you need to lighten this area up by any light source. The story is very nice and different to other time travel stories I would know. The game is a nice solid science fiction game with a twists, a bit apocalyptic too and isn't very long or particularly special and outstanding, but its graphics and sounds are excellent. For that reason we recommend to buy it on sale although we are usually no fan of mobile phone ports to PC.

We recommend: If you like this genre, buy it cheap on sale!