The Sims 3

Genre: Simulation / Building / Sandbox
Developer: The Sims Studio
Gamemode: Singleplayer

It might be a bit late to write a review about this game, because Electronic Arts closed the Sims Studio and gave up on this game, but there are still some people out there that play with the idea to get it for cheap and I want them to know about all the problems that they will face if they try playing this game. The list of bugs and problems in this game is so long that you want to know about it! If you contact the support you will not get any useful help at all. Electronic Arts did sell this game really expensive and added all the time content to buy, but never fixed the bugs before they sold it. Only very few problems with the content were fixed, most problems got solved by the users themselves, who posted a lot at the net to help each others.

So lets take a look now what causes the main problems to prepare you for all that awaits you. First of all the developers did design the content for this game in a very ugly style but gave the users the possibility to add themselves custom content for it. By this a lot of creative people designed a ton of beautiful items for the game, but if you start adding textures and items the game can not really handle it. Of course the first suspicion you could have is that the users did mess up by bugging their own content, but fact is that the sims is just too bad programmed to work with a lot of extra content, the launcher just stops working by it.

I seriously never saw any game that got this often fixed by its users! Electronic Arts are a bunch of business managers that got no clue about games or programming. Therefore they are only interested into making much money fast and not into providing any service or fixing any issues with their games. Since years they are buying up studios, sucking the money out of them to close them afterwards when people stop buying their games, because they get no support and feel ripped off. You can spend really a lot of time in this game building maps and houses, but about half of it you'll spend in loading screens and fixing bugs.

The game starts on any map that offers you some empty buildings you can move in. Either you use some pre-built character or you create one by yourself and choose whatever profile and clothes, hairstyle and interests. The person you are playing can explore their town, make friends and enemies, find a job, live a life full of parties or be rather an outsider. You can marry, get children, have a pet, finish school, get old and die. There are plenty of add-ons that give you all those extra possibilities like getting a star, attending university, enjoying the sports or having the zombie apocalypse at every full moon. Every little additional content for the game gets sold at The Sims shop.

The graphic is nice, the performance is a catastrophe, loading screens last forever and really tax your patience. The more content you'll have the longer you'll wait for the game to start at all, you could go cleaning your dishes or doing your homework while you are waiting and waiting and still waiting. The building system for houses is just so much fun that Sims always had a lot of fans. You can even create your own maps to play, but the Create a world program has its problems as well. Redecorating and improving your home will still be fun and you will soon feel the need to add any custom content for that reason. We don't want to miss out mentioning that your save files can get bugged, your game might freeze in certain screens before you can save the work you did for hours, your mailbox might stop working or some npc doesn't want to show up although you call him or her over, items might suddenly get unusable or can't be placed, the tool to texture items might not load, houses or sims you did create and save can afterwards not work for re-installation, 193 unsolved bugs are mentioned on a users help page to give you an idea about the amount of problems. I personally enjoyed the Sims3 still a lot although there were times when I cursed EA.

We recommend: If you don't want to drive yourself crazy by bugs, don't buy it!