The Sims 4

Genre: Simulation / Building / No Open World!
Developer: The Sims Studio
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Oh my god they managed to mess up this game even more than the Sims 3 which is in my opinion a real unbelievable act. I am talking about the way they did cut off about half of the games earlier functions like being able to choose any spot on your map to create your own lot, being able to go to the other side of a map with more than just a handful places, being able to recolor any of your furniture or walls. The list goes on but I won't be able to list up everything because it is just too much and I am also talking about the bugs in Sims 4. Yes there are plenty of them as usual and although they reduced all the possibilities in this game they did still succeed in adding some bugs quite everywhere.

As usual EA did close another developer studio: The Sims Studio. People start hating EA more and more by actions like this. The greedy company did add recently loot boxes to Battlefront 2 and did get now into some more trouble. The shit storm started to effect them meanwhile by people that went to court. But the only way to make them change or just close their business will be not to buy anything anymore that they publish. Unfortunately the big publishers do tend to go all the same way, so indie games are the new hope.

To talk about its graphics the new Sims 4 world is a sugar covered, kitschy and cartoonish designed game. The performance is good and the people do seem to have a few more emotional expressions, but we could not figure out any big advantage or evolution of the game by it. The only improvement we saw was the multitasking ability they added. By this the sims don't need to drop their plate from eating before they can feed the dog or open a door for a visitor, they just carry the plate around while executing a second action. Also you can now only add custom content by package files which makes it easier to remove items. Other than that the concept of the game is still the same: Have a Sim, let him marry, get kids, get annoyed by them or your pets and die by old age or by working too much. You can travel, we just couldn't find any nice vacation location any more, at least at the base game and the challenges you had in Sims 3 to discover hidden treasures is gone. Also you got so small maps that you won't really enjoy playing on them at all. I do strongly believe that a lot of the people that fell for buying this game won't buy any other Sims game any more or will at least check very well on it before. We also need to mention that there is no Create a World tool any more and The Sims 4 lost a lot of its charm by this. Some items get only unlocked if you achieve any level in your career or did successfully throw a party. Lots of little details that we had in the Sims 3 are gone, like choosing a dress code for your party or choosing your own home as location.

The game offers you the building system of the paradise island hotels to just drop prearranged rooms, but it was always the most fun in the previous games to build and architect your own houses and interior. You can now drop a piece of your terrace and stretch it then afterwards. Pretty much the only change that made sense although the building system of the Sims 3 was good enough. Instead you'll have plenty of limitations. Additionally hardly any of your commands you'll give your sim will work out without repeating it twice or even more often. You'll pick up your dog and tell your sim to drop it in the garden, but he just drops it immediately in the house back on the floor. Things like that can annoy the hell out of you, but I guess it did already do that in The Sims 3, I might have just forgotten how that game forced me to go building houses and maps instead. In this new The Sims 4 you can not even terraform any landscape or choose a place for your lot. Things like that gave the game a user score of only 3.7 out of 10.

This seems to be a deja vu, didn't I just shut the door and gave that order to only let members of my family in? Why did then that neighbor still slip through the door and stole my baby crib? The Sims 4 has no story lines, not even people on the map that would owe their own houses, they are partly hobos and just wandering around. If you want to reach any events on the map you will need to travel instead of using a car or bike or go by foot there. For every little action you'll have to leave your map and decide whom to take with you. I started out with some baby pets and within 2 days they were already adult animals? Why, how, wtf? Babies are now bound to their crib, you can not even feed your children any more without a baby chair and your pets might just disappear after they were born. Lots of tiny details that made The Sims 3 fun are just missing. And we got to say that the game isn't really enjoyable at all. Now the argument that they might add the details with expansions is meanwhile not really any argument any more, because the game is too long released already and was not really worth your money.

We recommend: If you don't want to drive yourself crazy by bugs and restrictions by the missing features, don't buy it!