The Tenants

Genre: Simulation / Buildingsimulation / Management
Developer: Frozen District
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This real estate and renovation game gives you the opportunity to beautify apartments and houses. The game is not a big bargain although it seems so on the first look. It is definitely still in early access and appears with too few missions that you can get for that reason randomly twice or more often. By this the game gets fast boring. On the plus side the game concept is brilliant. You unlock with the jobs you do new items to furnish the apartments and the better you do your job the faster you'll get the needed points for this.

The developers of this game did also create the House Flipper game which was also fun but had a lack of nice items and color and material options for walls and floors. If you played the game you'll know that it was too long reduced to the few items and the workshop came out too late. Hopefully they won't do this mistake again, because they can keep the gamers playing their game far longer if they give them the possibilities to add own stuff. This would work in the Tenants too, but would need for sure some extra work. Once they started to understand how much bigger their success will get if they add such options they'll probably gladly invest that time. The Sims was played for countless years because of this option and people bought far more often every DLC for that reason. This creation of a fan base was important for the huge success.

You will have to do renovation jobs till you can afford buying your own apartments. Then you can create the apartment of your dreams and search for a tenant and take care of his needs. While you work on more jobs you'll get messages on your phone if there are problems in your own properties or if the tenant falls behind with his payment.

I played the game now a few hours and my only serious criticism would be that some missions or lets call it renovation orders pop up several times at the exact same spot in the city, means you renovate partly exactly the same object twice or more often in the exact same or a similar way several times. I do believe that this will make a lot of people angry when they play the game, because you expect to get new objects and objectives every time, because that is all the game is about. By this the game gets suddenly very repetitive and I read already complains about it although the people mentioned rather the 3 jobs the uncle does have when tenant complain, which should probably also get a bigger variety. But such things are typical early access issues I guess and gets hopefully soon changed. Other than that it is a very nice game.

The graphic is a cute comic graphic and the styles you can refurbish with are still pretty basic and could improve during early access or by a workshop. Money is not too easy too earn, but if you grab one of those exclusive jobs for rich people's home you'll get fast a bigger amount of money, especially if you get it done within a certain time limit. Your uncle can clean up in front and repair a few things and I am not sure if he improves this ability over time. As a résumé I can say that the game is pretty nice and fun, but as mentioned you can really feel that it is still in early access, not by the bugs but by the lack of different tasks and objects to renovate, especially in the suburbs it gets very boring and repetitive after short time. You can expect to play about 50 hours till you are through the game. For more infos you can watch my videos here.

We recommend: If you love simulations, don't expect any big management part to it, I don't think that will get added. But if you accept its currant early access state and got fun at renovating, buy it!