They Are Billions

Genre: Colony Building / Zombies / Strategy
Developer: Numantian Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This strategy game is for hardcore gamers who are really bored by everything else and love an immense challenge. You can choose between different difficulties and it can be even hard to win on easy mode. The game plays in the far future of a zombie apocalypse. There are only a handful people left over to fight the zombies out there and try to survive the infection. It could be called a tower defence game, just that you need to protect a whole colony, which makes it even harder because the bigger your village grows, the harder it gets to protect it and keep an overview.

You need to build energy connections, buildings that gather resources and service buildings to take care of the colony. Most important are the defenses and how you build those effectively. If you don't keep an eye on this the game will be very punishing. You can use traps to slow down enemies, but you'll have to develop buildings like this. Not everything is available in the beginning and a single mistake can cause the failure.

In the beginning you might start all over a lot, you can spend hours on building your colony and loose everything by one mistake within minutes. You might also get the idea that it is impossible or just not meant to win this game, that it's all about fighting the zombies as long as you can. This can be quite frustrating at times. There are still some bugs and exploits in this game, that you will discover yourself soon. Pausing the game can help you manage the defense during attacks.

Without reading guides you might not stand a chance to ever win this game, but most people get obsessed with the idea to beat the game and win. The longer you are on a map the huger gets the horde of zombies that is attacking and by this it gets extremely difficult to survive. You'll barely survive the longer it takes. There is no room for tries of new strategies, because you can not reload the game at any point of time except the save you get each time you stop playing. We probably should also mention that there is no endless game. You choose a certain time limit in the beginning for each map by choosing the difficulty.

The game has no tutorial. The graphics are nice and influenced by steampunk. The soundtrack could have more variations. The map generation is most of the time horrible. It often puts you in open fields that are impossible to protect, or gives you too few resources nearby. Also you can never choose to play any map twice, which really sucks. Even if you have a mine or woodcutter inside your walls the workers can run outside the wall and get killed by zombies or even lure them to the colony. Not really smart and how would you avoid this to happen? If the walls go down anywhere and the zombies eat your colonists they won't give you more than an attack message and you spend then wasted time to look for the spot that gets attacked.

We recommend: If you like zombie real time strategy games, you can still buy it!