Thief Simulator

Genre: Simulator / Crime / Stealth
Developer: Noble Muffins
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The game is about a burglar robbing some houses in a residential estate. Your cousin Vinny gives you some jobs and teaches you from distance how to get a successful thief. You level up by the experience you collect and by this you'll unlock new skills and items that will help you to get into more difficult secured houses. The smaller items you can just put into your backpack, while bigger ones need to be carried to the car which will increase the chances to get caught. Only if no one spots you you'll get the highest possible experience from finishing a job. On your laptop you'll get new missions or you can just go by yourself for some more training and experience points. Here some insider info: New items you never grabbed before give you always 10xp, so you should always steel those. If things go sideways it is better to carry the not so expensive loot out, than to drop it, because it gives you more xp if you steel the valuable stuff later at a perfect heist. If you want to look around a corner hold space-bar and press a or d.

The game has a shallow short story and is reduced to two residential areas, one with common people and one with richer ones, who protect their houses by alarm systems and bodyguards. Armed tenants can be a bit annoying, but once you did spy them out it is easy to predict their routine. You need to carry keys you found and tools like lock picks so that you don't have to go home and get them when you are in the middle of a job. No one explains you that you need to just drive into any direction to get back home, so some people get a bit confused in the start. At the houses you should watch the routine of the tenants. Cameras can at first only be hacked inside the house. You will probably need to do that for a few missions. Don't buy tips at the laptop, it just takes out all the tension to find things out yourself, although it is of course up to you if you want to play the game easy. If you don't, you'll definitely play for longer.

Make sure that you don't block any walkways or streets when you park your car, otherwise police might start searching the driver. Some things are not very good implemented. For example driving really sucks, because the steering mechanism feels clunky. Players partly run by foot off when the police comes, because of the bad driving. You could still jump into a dumpster to hide from the police, but there seem to be no reason why you get still caught sometimes. It seems to be just a matter of luck. Also pedestrians can get stuck without any obvious cause and police that shows up will then just join them and stay forever, except you jump out of the dumpster, then they will be of course the only ones that can suddenly move again and run after you.

Big items can not be thrown out of any window, even if they would obviously fit through. You will have to carry them through any door, or leave them behind. Inside the houses you might have some really dark spots, but if you use a torch you might get discovered by any pedestrian that sees that light. On the other hand you'll miss out on a few very good items if you don't use it, so you need to watch the mini-map and wait till no one walks by. If you wait too long the tenants might wake up and find you in their living room, so you will have to calculate your risk. Some doors have a pathing issue and don't let you in on the first try, you might need to step back and try again or go out of sneaking to enter, which raises the possibility to be heard. If you get spotted and hide in a wardrobe the police will show up and while turning around and leaving they might pass through the wardrobe you are hiding in without discovering you. Very weird.

The graphic is just the usual unity engine and not very beautiful, but just good enough to generate a nice area. The music are 4 tracks playing in an endless loop, not really simulating any radio, but they obviously pretends to, while 3 out of the 4 sound quite bad. There are countless small bugs that don't make the game unplayable, but show that the game was made sloppy and fast to generate money for the company without big afford, which is by the way the case with all games I experienced from Playway. The quick-slot was for some tools grayed out and made it hard to put items into them. Sometimes jobs showed to the top right side of my screen, in other cases they didn't, no idea why. The pawnshop counter only lets you drop big items from the side. Smartphones need to be hacked before selling, but you will not realize that you had a few more items in your bag, when the trader sends you away to clean the phone, except you watch the left top corner of your screen, that shows all items. If you carry big stuff trees can block you even if you are far enough away from their stem. Your car can just hover in the air after parking. When you spawn at the residential area you can find yourself with another car on top of you, if you move then the police is going to show up. There is no pause function and no speed up button, except you sleep on a parking place, only then you can skip some hours. Armed residents can aim at you through walls and walk even into those while aiming. Taking cars apart is very tedious and not so enjoyable, most annoying is to find out that you can only sell the wheels after you took a whole car apart. Some tasks you accept at Rent-a-thug stay unfinished although they are long done. The bugs I mentioned are only a few of the existing ones. I was also missing some shops and businesses to rob. It is a pitty that you can not give your own base a bit of a wealthy touch and still got to sleep on that old couch after you already earned so much money, it would make the game so much more awesome to do so. For 20 Euros the game is just too fast finished. About 15-20 hours it'll take depending if you just play story or do some asides. Within 3-4 days you should be done. Don't get me wrong it is a fun game to play and is also playable, but at its current state I would consider it to be an late early access, although they did release it already as a finished game.

We recommend: If you like stealth, buy it on sale or wait till they finally fixed this game, otherwise you might be a bit annoyed by some little bugs and clunky or tedious mechanics!