Genre: RPG / Dungeon / Action
Developer: Runic Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The monsters and dungeons in this game get randomly generated, you'll pass through ruins, castles, mines, temples and other interesting areas. On steam you can even play a demo of this game to try if you like it. The graphic style is a visually pleasing comic graphic and the sound is also quite nice. The game reminds a bit on Diablo and has some connection to it because the developers worked before on it. Then they decided to run their own company. In Torchlight you can choose from 3 characters, who do fight raged, melee or magic. You can also choose to have a cat or dog as pet. If you get bored you can raise the difficulty from easy to normal, hard or very hard.

The dungeon-crawler is truly gaming at its simplest because the interface and mechanics are easy and intuitive, while it still stays fun to go on playing because of all the loot and new areas. If you find lakes you can do some fishing that will give you useful items and money. You can send your pet to town to sell the things you found and you can also always use him to carry stuff. It is possible to teleport at any point of time to town by a portal that you can create by a scroll. At one of the traders you are able to upgrade your armor and weapons. This game is loot-heavy and you won't have trouble to improve your equipment.

The game play does work fine and hardly needs explaining, because you control almost everything by your mouse. The animations are cute and everything seems to be good balanced. There is a skill tree and you can learn also spells by scrolls that teach them. Dropped items get highlighted if you press the alt key. Some of the items you'll find will not show their properties so you'll need identify scrolls to look up their stats.

If you die you can choose to revive at the town for free or to go back to the beginning of your level that you just did, but you will need to pay for that. There is some story to the quests but it is not really a lot depending on story or deep in any way. In the end of the game you will have an end boss and you can afterwards retire your hero and give your best item to the next hero you'll play with.

Visually the game looks great and it has a charming world and great music. It is sad that it has no multiplay and gets a bit repetitive after a while and is entirely too long.

We recommend: If you like RPG action games, buy it!