Two Point Hospital

Genre: Management / Simulator / Building
Developer: Two Point Studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Two Point Hospital is a remake of Theme Hospital from Bullfrog. It manages to transport the nostalgic feeling with a new improved look and sound. We may just not forget that the original concept for the game was taken over and by this the game was less work. So the question is: Is this game really worth its price? To answer right away in the beginning the most important question we need to mention that you'll play about 100 hours to finish all levels. Depending on your passion to get all stars for each hospital a bit longer or shorter.

The humour shows by the cute character design, the funny treatment machines and the radio speakers. The game runs without a lot of attention of the player if you build in time new offices as soon as your queues get too long. Some bugs can cause that a few patients get stuck at rooms or any doctor can't get to the toilet and stays in front of that room.

After a few levels the game gets more difficult, the hospitals grow bigger and more events and epidemic show up. It gets harder to handle your hospital without loss of income. Promotion needs collecting experience before you can teach your people and improve their skills. Also it depends on your reputation if you'll attract good employees at all.

There is a menu to choose where your employees should or shouldn't work. That makes the management a bit easier. Also you can hire an expensive teacher to improve skills, or just let your people teach each others without this extra expense. The receptionist and your mentor will give you constantly hints which problems need to be fixed in your hospital.

The game got a charming atmosphere, intuitive controls, a cute comic graphic and nice music. I missed the possibility to separate beds inside the wards. Also your employees have skills but don't really care. Some might treat people without the correct talent or skill and then fail of course, but you can not really keep track of them all the time and you need to go to the job assignment button to let them work only at a certain place. Such details could still improve the game and more deco items could be still added too. They even added now a sandbox mode but it doesn't meen that you could build at any different environment or your own hospital shape and by this you never get a chance to build your own favourite hospital.

We recommend: If you like simulation games, you can buy it!