Genre: Dungeon Crawler / Retro / Platformer
Developer: @unepic_fran
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplay / Coop

This RPG platformer is as retro as it could be. The developers mixed some humor with the gameplay concept of an old school game like Castlevenia. You start out as an average guy playing some pen and paper game with his friends and finding himself teleported to a castle that pulls him into a charming story, because a ghost slips into his body. From this point on the ghost tries to murder him by luring him into danger, because this is his only way to be set free again. On his journey through the dungeon he meets some creatures asking him for help or giving him information about his mission or some skills that he can learn.

There are 200 rooms to explore, 7 bosses to kill, 70 spells to be learned, 100 different weapons, equipment and ingredients as loot, recipes to buy for crafting potions, multiple endings, pets, a map for the castle which can be altered and more. Most of the time you won't need any hints or help from anyone else to play this game through, except to the bosses maybe. The story unfolds the more you progress and might turn out different, than you expected.

The game is a mix of jump & run and RPG and it is a must have for fans of this genre. The missions and quests vary and keep you busy. No key, no progress. Often you need to find or get a key to open any door to the next level. There is also a level up stats progression that allows you to skill your character. The game looks unspectacular, but it is definitive diversified.

Unepic is a tribute to the good old classic role-playing games like The Legend of Zelda with unguided exploration and countless locations, enemies that are hidden in the dark and lights you need to turn on, not to mention all the traps. The dialogues are well written and fun to follow. Using magic might be easier, than using a melee weapon. Pretty much all your actions are made by using the keyboard. The more you explore the more shortcut doors will also open for you and you'll get an item to teleport back to a healing source.

The graphic is old school but not like a pixel game square or uneven. The music and sound is nice and the game has voice over. The game is an homage to classic 8-bit adventures and role-playing games, but is still unique. You'll find nerd-culture and pop-culture references. Not everything might be perfect balanced, but at old school games it wasn't either. Some of them were far harder, than any game is nowadays. It might be only satisfying to those, who played the first computer games, but we consider it to be a lot of fun and less hard than the older games.

We recommend: If you like RPG jump & run games, you might want to buy it!