Valhalla Hills

Genre: Simulation / Village Builder / Strategy
Developer: Funatics Software
Gamemode: Singleplayer

You start out with a tutorial that explains you a bit about the economy buildings you'll need and the game play. A handful Vikings will help you developing a village. The first missions feel all like part of this tutorial and unlock buildings. You'll recognize that the people got numbers for tiredness and hunger over their head, but you can not send them to any berry bush to feed them, they will take care of themselves. There is no overview window to see what needs they got or what you should do to satisfy them.

Production buildings don't allow you to assign people, except to carriers if they are needed. Some buildings need those carriers to get raw materials. You can not choose a person who should work in a special building, they get automatically hired. Only thing you can see is if anyone got no work or is bored, because he is not doing anything. Production chains can just stop working when the resources are gone, like a quarry gets useless once the stone is gone. In the top left corner you get shown how many Vikings did join you and how many you could call by a portal stone at your place and if anyone has no work yet.

To recruit warriors you'll need to add axes to their army camp, but no one tells or shows you this. If there is no food recourse nearby them they will starve. A similar problem occurs at the weapon smith, he will not produce anything till you order weapons, but how to do this is not explained. His interface has no button to do so. Probably you need to order it at a bigger army camp. Some people might already just give up on playing if they get stuck with this. Also if you don't plan very forward-looking you might run out of workers and your people will stop constructing the buildings you dropped, because they are already busy in other jobs.

The game is accompanied by some beautiful orchestral background music, the graphic is a cute comic graphic, but you can not zoom close enough to see all details. Unlike the advertisement video you will not be able to watch your little Vikings closely, which is kinda disappointing. Also it is impossible to turn the screen, because it always immediately switches back. The criticism at the reviews on steam is entitled. People complain about balance issues at the food supply, animals killing their people while the hunter is helpless, wood cutters not delivering wood, because they give up on their work as soon as they stay hungry, whole production chains collapse when your people head to distant berry bushes instead of grabbing food from the storage. Such details, for example that your solders will only get weapons from a nearby supply storage are mentioned, but will probably be easily over read by a lot of people. Such things should have been shown at the tutorial more closely. It stays a miracle why the bakery that has all supplies and a baker working in it won't produce bread and you need to figure out yourself that you need to build the mill next to it so that it gets the wheat at all. You can just never be sure if it is bugged or you did not understand how to do stuff. In the end you might find out that your baker was missing a tool, but no message will show you this, he only shows it on his character in the character window. Not very user friendly and intuitive programmed.

We recommend: If you like strategy games, get any better one or buy this one only on sale very cheap, it is nice, but just not one of the very best ones!