Genre: Survival / Fantasy / Building
Developer: Dvoid
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplay

This survival game is about the viking area and you are going to be proven if you are worthy of entering Valhalla. Defeat the beasts on this island to prove yourself. You'll have to explore beaches, forest and mountains of this world to find everything you'll need to craft and survive. Unlike other survival games you will not need water or much food to survive. Survival is here more about getting attacked by some monsters.

The monsters are showing up in a bigger number during the night, also they can have some stronger friends coming out with them. Their eyes glow in a different colour. The smallerst ones are Greydwarfs. They drop eyes when they die and you can create portals by throwing them into fire. Those portals will take you back home if you dropped anywhere a bed and claimed it as a spawn point. You might need to get used to the building system, but it works pretty well.

By the materials you collect and that get dropped you'll learn new recipes and can then craft new items. The goal is to create a base that grows to a stronghold later on. Valheim is about exploring a huge fantasy world that got inspired by the norse mythology and viking culture. You start out at a relatively peaceful area, but the further you travel from there, the more challenging gets the surrounding. You can build outposts and search for better materials for deadlier weapons and sail with a raft or long-ship to search exotic lands.

The game has already a lot of content and what starts out as a weird looking character creation get more and more interesting the longer you play. You got a lot of freedom to do crafting and go exploring, because you aren't kept busy with stupid survival mechanics. You can collect material, build a base, heal yourself with food or potions, craft weapons and armor, build and sail a ship already. A female character is planned and far more crafting recipes will also come later on. More biomes and bosses will be added as well.

The graphic is nice except to the character models, the game got some nice ambient sounds, different weather and the bushes, rocks and trees can be destroyed, not sure if you can already destroy tree stumps too. It seems the respawn of enemies is not going to bother you. The game is for free at the moment, if you want to give it a try, you'll be surprised how amazing it is already for its early state, because it is developed by a single person and as a free early alpha version really good. You can play it singleplayer or multiplay. You can download it here:

We recommend: If you like survival fantasy games, download it!