Genre: Strategy / Citybuilder / Simulation
Developer: bumblebee.
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This medieval village builder is beautiful by its buildings. You can see that the developers did put a lot of work into those. If you loved the Anno series by their graphics you'll love this one too, but what distinguishes this game from Anno is that you won't have a big map, you will not be able to decorate with parks, trees or statues and you will not have a ship and need to get resources from other islands. This game offers a bit of story in the campaign mode, but it doesn't have a lot of evolution or any research of technologies.

The people in your game will be partly a bit strange animated. If they lay down on the ground they look like straight planks, if you send them out to collect mats they go in one line. The next weird thing is that you can hear church bells ringing even if you did not build a church yet. The boarders of the tiny map are almost always visible and unfortunately the boarder is a meassuring tape and some weird wood texture that covers the outer sides. To say that clear the designer or developer of this idea should get an apartment at real life looking like that till he learns to understand how ugly that looks.

The game play is fine, the music after a while a bit annoying, the graphics we described before. As long as you are in the campaign everything seems to be bug free. But the story is fast done and then you'll want to enjoy the sandbox mode that lets you use all 27 buildings. But the trouble starts when you go to the sandbox mode. Suddenly you'll experience graphic bugs. I played a map with islands and the water of the ocean did sometimes move with my mouse cursor and covered my island suddenly. The red boarder walls in the distance started moving quite weird and I had the season messages poping up constantly every second and switching between seasons. Same time the weather effects changed suddenly every now and then when I moved over my island and I had the impression that my farms were not able to produce anything while that happened.

Because this game is not early access any more such bugs should be fixed and for that reason the reviews in steam are not really very good. I did not have the "lots of hours of playing fun" that the developers promised in their description. To be honest Banished and Folk Tale are definitely far nicer. Villagers got a big lack of content and strategic aims. The economy is simple and there is no challenge at all. Neither the resource management nor the town planning is much fun. There is no immigration into your village, only children will make sure that your buildings don't run out of workers, except you want to pay 1 gold per day to hire workers as soon as you did build an Inn. But because there are no taxes you can only earn this gold by selling resources to a trader. By this the game ends up to be a lot of waiting.

We recommend: Sorry to say this, but we had the impression that it is not even on sale the 7 Euro worth we paid!