Genre: Simulation / Management / Crafting
Developer: Sassybot
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The little shopkeeper game starts with a tutorial that explains everything you can do. You will have a very tiny shop and almost no money in the beginning. Additionally the shop is not even paid off, so you need to spend almost every penny on the loan and get rid of your debt because the payment gets raised each month. The whole game is about managing the shop, crafting items and buying cheap resources from the traders, that come by. You need to keep an eye on your storage capacity and keep track of what you need for crafting.

You can not leave the shop area, although you can grow some food in your garden, but the game does not allow you to go out to the front. Would be nice if they could add that later on, because it feels a bit imprisoned the way it is right now and it would be far more fun if you could also go out for chopping some wood or collecting berries in the closer surrounding or getting some special deals at the town square. Also the endgame does not offer much more than upgrading your displays and unlocking some more decor for some money. You end up having no use for the money, which is kinda sad, because you could buy a second shop or expand more or grow apple trees in your garden if you had the space and possibility. Instead you can change the look of your walls and the layout of the shop and you can decorate it and attract more customers by that.

It can stress you a bit out to fill up the shelves while the customers buy you out very fast if your shop is attractive and it is for sure smart if you craft already some stuff in advance. Your customers throw their money on the counter and it gets automatically collected. There are events coming up and those got an influence on your business. Some items need to be unlocked by your level and quests.

The game has 3 game mods from creative to hard and the seasons will change the offers from the traders. You can also choose a specialization and preferably craft a certain kind of items. The crafting allows you to forge tools, create potions, cook meals, do tailoring or you can just sell the unprocessed products.

The graphic is charming and cute and there is some nice background music too, although some more music tracks would be enjoyable if you play it for longer. This is one of those games, where you can see the love that is put into the detail. It feels like the first game in one's infancy, as if the dutch developers just need more time to step out of the door of their Winkeltje shop and add more. It could get a really lovely game to play for longer, for now you'll probably play it about ten to twenty hours, still well worth its price. I did also not encounter any bugs although it is early access. There is a male and a female character that can be a tiny bit customized. The interface, controls and game play is simple and easy, movement works by keyboard and the game gets regularly updates.

We recommend: If you like shop keep games, buy it!