Wurm Unlimited

Genre: MMO / Crafting / Open World
Developer: Code Club AB
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This fantasy game looks so much nicer at the videos on steam than it looks in game. I don't know how they managed to polish the videos but the game looks so much worse and older by its graphics than in those preview videos. It feels like from the 90th and there is no tutorial at all explaining how to start crafting or leveling. The few pop ups you'll get vanish so fast that you hardly can read them and you won't find the so named book of wisdom that explains some things. Also I did not find any populated servers or story quests going on. I felt very lost when I tried to play this game.

Wurm Unlimited is the standalone version of the fantasy sandbox world Wurm online. Maybe the videos they show on steam are from the Wurm online game, but I never felt in any MMO when I played Wurm Unlimited. Friends can join you, but I did not meet anyone or see any chat from anyone else. Even if people are in this game you'll rarely see anyone. The graphics were totally hopeless outdated and over-aged. The world was pretty empty and visually boring. The ground is rough and the textures bland. There are quite some servers but not many players. I personally believe if you got stuck in this old game and still play that nowadays you got to be very poor and not able to buy anything nicer. If you set up your own server you will not even find any possibility to change settings like carry-weight. Your character is already encumbered if you carry the wood of one tree, so you better just don't play if you don't want to get annoyed like hell. I mean it is realistic, but if I want to play any realistic game I can just walk at real life out of my door and could chop down a tree there. Walking is slow and it is also a setting you can not change. And the normal settings how to farm a tree makes that game to the most grinding game I ever experienced, because it takes just forever and will be such a little amount of resource you'll get that you better don't even start building anything. They would have to pay me for playing this.

You can only walk in this game, there is no option to speed it up. Also your speed can be slowed down even more by what you are carrying, what you are doing and if you are mounted. You can not move by mouse cursor. Most of the time you are just right clicking stuff and reading in their menus. When you move your cursor above stuff it might show you a "Tile Border" writing but not anything else than a menu you can bring up and that doesn't do anything. If you activate the default camera option you'll find a button to unlock the free camera mode, but when you are in this mode you can't interact with anything at all.

The whole game seems to have a lot of technical issues with the windowed and full-screen mode and multiple monitors because it is very poorly optimized and coded. I totally gave up trying to figure out how anything works, because most did not work at all and was super tedious and not enjoyable at all. It just requires too much patience and even my most patient friend gave up after logging in 3 times and still being stuck with one single task. I got me this game, because I trusted into some nice sounding reviews such as at rockpapershotgun ("The idea behind the release is to present the Wurm world to new players and also help players who never got into the game to experience it in a more relaxed way") and I deeply regret that. I don't know how you could write any good review about this game nowadays, because the mechanics are just obsolete and bad and no one can get easily into this game anyways. Also the good reviews on steam got to be from some fan boys, because it is just not what you would like to play if you are alone and new in this game. There seem to be reasons why the established players need new players to join the game. Wurm Unlimited was made to boost the Wurm Online's population, and has only decreased it by a large number instead. It seems you will get banned from the Wurm forums on the official site and on Steam if you make any negative remark about the game.

The problem is that you can not ever find out how the things do work in this game without more experienced players, so it is kinda ridiculous that the developers still lure people in to make them kinda waste time and money. You need to play with other people to be able to build anything bigger than a simple house. Combat seems to be the worst ever in this game. I did not really try it out myself, but I did read that it is terrible, because everything is able to kill you as soon as you leave the town. Your starting skills suck so much that you can only die. The bandages don't heal instantly and you need to tell the game which wound to heal. Most stupidly you need to repair or replace the combat training dummies all the time and it takes forever to improve your skill. Additionally you loose skill by dying and there are also no healing potions. I am glad I never tried, I guess I would have rage quitted for the first time in my life.

We recommend: If you don't want to torture yourself, don't buy it!